Overwhelmed Tchaikovsky competition admits 25 to the first round

Overwhelmed Tchaikovsky competition admits 25 to the first round


norman lebrecht

May 13, 2019

There were 954 submissions, so they have increased the number of participants in the first round to 25 in the three main categories.

Here are the piano contestants, announced this morning:

An Tianxu / China
Beisembayev Alim / Kazakhstan
Broberg Kenneth / USA
Gadjiev Alexander / Italy
Geniushene Anna / Russia
Gugnin Andrei / Russia
Daneshpour Sara / USA
Yemelyanov Konstantin / Russia
Cano Smit Albert / Spain
Kantorow Alexandre / France
Kim Dohyun / South Korea
Kopachevsky Philipp / Russia
Liu Xiaoyu / Canada
Malofeev Alexander / Russia
Melnikov Alexey / Russia
Mun Arsenii / Russia
Xie Ming / China
Tarasevich-Nikolayev Arsenij / Russia


Wu Yuchong / China
Fujita Mao / Japan
Harliono George / UK
Shishkin Dmitriy / Russia
Yang Yi Ke / Canada
Yasynskyy Artem / Ukraine
Yashkin Anton / Russia


  • boringfileclerk says:

    The competition is losing its luster now that everyone gets a participation award.

  • buxtehude says:

    Let them all play, just just the Juilliard graduates, have a heart.

  • George says:

    Try to google candidates names + Mariinsky. You will see that majority of chosen pianists are connected to Mariinsky- Gergiev


  • William says:

    Denis Matsuev + Alexander Malofeev = like family
    For those. Denis Matsuev is Chair of Jury and Alexander Malofeev is one of the contestants.

  • William says:

    Contestant Arseny Tarasevich-Nikolaev (grand-son of Tatiana Nikolayeva)

    2003: 1st Prize, ‘Le Muse’ Piano Competition in Italy.
    2005: Grand Prix, International Piano Competition in Kaliningrad.
    2008: 1st Prize, Rovere d’Oro Prize International Instrumental and Vocal Competition.
    2008: 1st Prize, ‘New Names’Int. Competition of Young Musicians in Moscow.
    2012: 1st Prize, 5th Scriabin Piano Competition.
    2013: 2nd prize, Cleveland International Piano Competition.
    2014: 2nd prize, International Edvard Grieg Piano Competition.
    2016: 2nd prize, Sydney International Piano Competition.
    2016: contract with Universal Music / Decca.

  • Pauker says:

    Ten Russians! Lol… worse than the violin section.

  • debusschubertussy says:

    Why on earth is Kenneth Broberg here? Didn’t he just win a major prize in the Cliburn?

    • Jeff Manchur says:

      He won 2nd. It’s risky for sure, but he only has one year of management from the Cliburn so probably figures why not. Plus he’s been able to tour his program plenty this year.

  • Parker says:

    just saw this… whoever wins this competition undoubtedly have a SUPER strong relationship with the competition and the country