Mirga cancels Covent Garden debut

As part of her current round of interviews promoting the new Birmingham season, Mirga Grazinyte-Tyla has let it be known that she will not, after all, be conducting Janacek’s The Makropulos Case at Covent Garden next season.

It’s part of her recent resolution to stop guest conducting and divide her time between her Birmingham job and her baby.

UPDATE: In other news…

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  • The fact that women give birth is at the root of much discrepancy in career opportunities between men and women. There are exceptions though, sometimes men sacrifice careers to support the careers of their exceptionally talented partners, even when there are no children. One particular case is the husband of great Dame Janet Baker, as one can witness in a very moving recent documentary on her life.

    • Mustafa – absolutely right! (But dare you say that in these days of so-called “P.Correctness”?) This is the real reason that the Vienna Philharmonic remained a male-only club for so long – thus avoiding years of weaning-in new young female ensemble members who would take flight after all the rehearsal hours to become “mums”!
      One can’t have one’s cake and eat it!

      • What does it matter what the musicians do outside rehearsal time and the concerts? Why would “being a mum” be worse than any other activity in the musicians private time?

    • Citation needed. Please give details of at least two major opera performances you have attended, conducted by this conductor, which have given you the expertise to say this.

    • I agree with Georghue, in that she may be a star who is in fashion now, but she has absolutely no qualifications or background to lead one of the more difficult Janacek operas. Vec Makropulos in particular requires such a deep understanding of Janacek’s particular style as well as a through and intimate, if not in fact native, understanding of the Czech language.

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