Meet Greta Thunberg’s soprano mother

It seems to have escaped the attention of music media that the young Swedish climate campaigner is the daughter of the opera singer Malena Ernman and the actor Svante Thunberg.

Malena has appeared on Slipped Disc on various occasions as an enterprising personality.


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    • Why do you suppose she isn’t paying attention? The whole Greta furore was dreamed up by the family’s PR consultants as part of the promotion for Malena’s book. It’s a cynical and unedifying spectacle.

  • It seems that Greta Thunberg has one or two psychiatric diagnoses. Her school strike on Fridays, after becoming “viral” in the social media, has been exploited by political activists and by the media ad absurdum, and there are negative, sometimes rather nasty, reactions as well. The effect of all this media exposure cannot be good for her, and may lead to tragic consequences. Greta Thunberg should go to school on Fridays, her parents should protect her from the media, and the media should leave her in peace.

    • On what grounds do you base your assertion that Ms Thunberg has ‘one or two psychiatric diagnoses’? Surely, even if true, this is a matter for the family and Ms Thunberg’s doctors (unless there’s a legitimate reason to suspect exploitation)?

      • Greta Thunberg is said to have Asperger syndrome, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. That tells you a lot about her school strike and sharp pronouncements widely reported in the media. However, that is the kind of information that you cannot find repeated on and on because it is not cool, but it is well-known in the press, and her family has talked about if in interviews.

    • The inattention of the media and policymakers to humankind’s pollution and unsustainable consumption of resources is a far more serious problem than any personal detriment Thunberg may or may not be suffering from the media exposure she is receiving. Thunberg is doing far more than you or I to actually deal with this inattention, and, provided that she harnesses any personality cult she may have built-up to keep the climate crisis at the forefront of everybody’s minds, she is probably on the right track (unlike that despicable narcissist Julian Assange, whose profile has overshadowed the actual work of Wikileaks and public-interest whistleblowing, and whose supporters seem to think that running a whistleblowing website is /carte blanche/ to ignore the rape allegations against Assange).

    • And yet Sweden wouldn’t have needed any of this even thirty years ago. Still, let’s celebrate social progress, shall we?

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