Maestro move: Another woman rising

Maestro move: Another woman rising


norman lebrecht

May 10, 2019

The Residentie Orkest of The Hague has wasted no time in appointing a successor to Nicholas Collon, who’s off to conduct in Finland.

The new chief conductor in the Dutch seat of government will be Anja Bihlmaier, who has worked mostly in Germany until now.


  • Guest says:


  • FrauGeigerin says:

    No surprise here! Appointing women, signing women, and promoting women conductors is the fashionable thing now, often over men of the same or superior talent, ability and experience. When are we going to stop this nonsense and have real fairness? Fairness: the best gets the appointment, the signing, or the promotion regardless of their sex, nationality, place of education etc.? Positive discrimination and political correctness is destroying our society slowly.

    • Peter says:

      Any insights into Bihlmaier’s skills and experience? Ever played in an orchestra under her direction? Any actual evidence or arguments that she doesn’t deserve the role or that she isn’t capable of carrying out the responsibilities? Any comments beyond rants about how shocking and PC it is that women are getting even a fraction of the conducting jobs on offer?

      Thought not.

    • ColdTromba says:

      I have played under Maestra Bihlmaier and she is, while indeed talented, not ready for the job. I completely agree with FrauGeigerin.

      • Peter says:

        And are you going to substantiate that assertion? If you really had played under her and formed the view that she isn’t up to the job, one would have thought that you would have been able to explain that with some particularity.

        Otherwise, your bare assertion that you have played under her and that she isn’t good enough is about as credible and reliable as the proposition that FrauGeigerin is a female violinist.

    • Saxon Broken says:

      You complain that a woman gets appointed over the “man with the same talent, ability experience”. And suggest that is sexist!

      But surely if the man is “the same talent” then it is reasonable to hire either applicant. Why, other than prejudice, would you insist the man should get the job?