Just two students in Salonen’s LA class, both British

Just two students in Salonen’s LA class, both British


norman lebrecht

May 22, 2019

Much fuss was made recently of Esa-Pekka’s engagement as a specialist teacher at LA’s Colburn School.

Some 115 student applications were received from around the world.

Just two were selected: Angus Webster and Ross Jamie Collins.

Both are British, both Helsinki winners of the Panula Prize established by Salonen’s teacher.

He may have known them before the process started.



  • fflambeau says:

    Not at all a surprise since Salonen was living in Britain before he took his new position in California.

  • ViolinMaster says:

    He better learn soon that conducting Brahms from a Dover score does not speak very highly of his music knowledge.

    • Cubs Fan says:

      While some Dover scores are indeed questionable (Dvorak 8th), the Brahms edition is excellent. Hans Gal was the highly regarded editor.

      • FS60103 says:

        Quite. One might perhaps say that judging a score by its cover rather than its contents does not speak very highly of “ViolinMaster”‘s musical knowledge…

    • Novagerio says:

      Perhaps ViolinMaster has the facsimiles? Hans Gál is the norm otherwise…

    • Patrick says:

      What’s the better edition? , ed. Pascall? At over $100US per symphony, one can hardly blame the guy. Though….Colburn is tuition-free…..

  • laorchlib says:

    There was an exhaustive audition process inline with any fellowship or assistant conducting program.

  • Music lover says:

    What is the point of holding an audition or taking applications if the two students were meant to be selected? The selection was done by recommendation and connection. No doubt that 115 applications have not even been reviewed.