Just in: Semi survivors in China’s big competition

Just in: Semi survivors in China’s big competition


norman lebrecht

May 09, 2019

The first China International Music Competition, with a first prize of $150,000, has reached the semifinal stage. Here are the last 12.

Alim Beisembayev Kazakhstan Age 21

Leonardo Colafelice Italy Age 23

Anna Hann USA Age 23

Honggi Kim South Korea Age 27

Alexander Malofeev Russia Age 17

MacKenzie Melemed USA Age 24



Sandro Nebieridze Georgia Age 18

Linzi Pan China Age 24

Hans H Suh South Korea Age 28

Arseny Tarasevich-Nikolaev Russia Age 25

Anastasia Vorotnaya Russia Age 23

Tony Yun Canada Age 17

The organisers have asked us to point out that none of the competitors currently studies or has ever studied with any member of the jury.


  • George says:

    Many are connected to Julliard.

    • Hmus says:

      Linzi Pan graduated from Curtis last year – and her graduation recital (which I attended) was impressive.

  • V.Lind says:

    Well, there’s one set of competition organisers tacitly acknowledging that there is a systemic problem. Kudos to them for seeing it and avoiding it. Sounds simple enough when you just write it down.

  • Nick says:

    Yet another propaganda piece! The ‘underground’ web of personal connections leads most participants to major music institutions and teachers of the world, Juilliard, to name notoriously infamous one. People are, and will always remain, people. Competitions are not a solution. Music competition cannot be fair by design and definition.

  • Bob says:

    The most corrupt results ever. Can not believe that so many of these incompetent people advanced over Mr. Shin and Mr. Yang and Ms. Dmytrenko. The stupid Kaplinsky and Vardi mafia strikes again…

  • Aleksandr says:

    Especially Mr. Yang – was definitely within the top 3… Mr. Shin and Ms. Dmytrenko within the top 6 in my opinion