Just in: Berlin picks British woman to head its top academy

The current board chair of the Salzburg Easter Festival, Sarah Wedl-Wilson, has been voted in as principal of Berlin’s Hanns Eisler Berliner Hochschule für Musik.

Wedl-Wilson, 49, has been acting rector of the Salzburg Mozarteum through a period of turbulence.

Before that, she was managing director of the Camerata Salzburg and the Innsbruck Festival of Early Music, having first worked at IMG.


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  • You don’t have to go through many blog posts at slippedisc.com to see a pattern: Headlines about women being appointed to executive-level positions referring to them only by their gender, e.g. “British woman,” “Woman batons,” “woman conductor,” etc.

    When the article is about men, the headline either mentions their name, or makes no mention of their gender.

  • She was plain old Sarah Wilson in the days when she managed Innsbrucker Festwochen, the early music festival which runs through August in Innsbruck. Then she ran off with a wealthy supermarket owner Wedl. Her contract was not renewed, some political pressure to hire a local bod and ended up in Salzburg. Her successor Christa Redik did not last long and was fired for failing to reclaim a subsidy which lost the Festwochen money. I gather they have changed the management and combined it with the Landestheater.

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