Just in: Aldeburgh changes its line on Britten and Pears

Just in: Aldeburgh changes its line on Britten and Pears


norman lebrecht

May 24, 2019

A decision to omit the name of Peter Pears from a new foundation merging two organisations – Britten-Pears and Snape Maltings – has cused enough of a fuss online for the lords of the fens to reconsider the title.

Here’s the latest from Snape:

24 May 2019

We are continuing our discussions with the Britten-Pears Foundation about our plan to merge our two charities by next April. The idea of the merger has been overwhelmingly positively received. It is a very exciting time for us as sister charities.

There has been much discussion about the proposed name for our newly-merged organisation. There is a lot to think about and organise, as well as legal issues to be addressed before we finally merge and both organisations’ boards have been carefully considering the feedback we have received about the name.

Having listened carefully to those views, it has been decided that we will give further consideration to the name of the new charity. It has been agreed that we will retain the names of both Britten and Pears.

The flurry will be known in future as BrittenPearsGate.

photo: www.britten100.org/Hans Wild


  • martain smith says:

    I should think so too!

    • Una says:

      Yes, absolutely. That place and both Ben and Peter played a big part in my life with having been a student at Colchester near by and tickets goe the Aldeburgh Festival we were given for free. Peter coached me on the Governess in The Turn of the Screw for the (original) Kent Opera production with Roger Norrington conducting and Nicholas Hytner the producer. When I went to pay Peter, he told me to save my money for another aspect of my musical development and wouldnt take any money from me. Such generosity and kindness, and I learnt so much from those four hours with him. So to remove Peter’s name seems very mean.

  • Patricia Yeiser says:

    Must you? Find another name.

  • Otis says:

    Over here in East Suffolk, we’re at least an hour and 15 minutes drive to the fens. ‘Lords of the sandlings’ would be more appropriate.

  • David Derrick says:

    Gate? What is that supposed to mean, apart from suggesting a scandal or a cockup? Or am I missing something? In which case please do not publish this.

  • Robert Groen says:

    Whatever was the problem in the first place?