How James Levine’s brother lived

Tom Levine, an artist, was the conductor’s ever-present right-hand man.

He has put his New York pad up for sale at $10.5 million.

More pics here.

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  • I guess he did well enough in his own right that he needn’t be referred to as “James Levine’s brother.”

  • I wonder why Tom Levine is selling his apartment.
    He is either relocating, or is in need of a lot of cash.
    Interesting turn of events. I wonder if it is in any way related to the James Levine/Met lawsuit????

    • Of course it is.

      Managing James Levine’s career is how Tom was able to afford this apartment.

      Now that James isn’t working and may never work again, Tom needs to downsize and bring in some cash.

    • He has retired and moved to Florida a few years ago, from what I heard. I believe he stopped working for his brother a while ago.

    • Hi, no it wasn’t related to the law suit. Relocated to a town in Connecticut. He liked spending more time up here.

  • Beautiful apartment (great pics in Olassus’ link). Nice area of town. Very close to my favorite used-CD/LP store (Academy Records on 18th). And WAY beyond my budget.

  • What I find fascinating is that the monthly charges are almost $12k. So you pay $10m to *own* a flat only to pay $140k a year every year (which presumably goes up yearly). For that money you could rent something very nice.

    • You don’t really think that you could rent a place like that in Chelsea for $12k a month, do you? I know of studios in the neighborhood going for 3k a month.

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