Gennady gets busted

A bronze sculpture of the late Gennady Rozhdestvensky has been given to the Moscow Conservatoire by one of his Chinese students, the conductor Zhang Guo Yong.

‘Gennady Nikolaevich is very famous in China, he is a very respected musician,’ said the donor. ‘I invited him to my orchestra, he became my friend. My gift is thanks to the Moscow Conservatory, where I studied for 4 years, for my teacher.


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  • I don’t know others, but for me just a head like that doesn’t look so nice to see…. maybe the artist should have added a piece of shoulders at least…?

  • I’m sure the kind gesture by Zhang Guo Yong was appreciated by the Moscow Conservatoire.
    But I would have to hear from family members of Rozhdestvensky, or at the very least shown a better photo of this object, to alter my opinion that it is just plain ugly.
    Did R. actually have such a face? Just asking….

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