Doris Day’s favourite pianist

Doris Day’s favourite pianist


norman lebrecht

May 14, 2019

Does anyone know when and where Emil Gilels met Doris Day?

(This would never have happened to Richter.)



  • Delphine1962 says:

    How lovely, although I don’t see why it couldn’t easily have been Richter, who was a big Dietrich fan…

    • Steven van Staden says:

      How good it is to hear that Richter was a Dietrich fan. My opinion of her was laughed at by someone who fancied he had ears. The same happened regarding an opinion I expressed about Sinatra who I argue was more expressive than Pavarotti. A few days later, on Sinatra’s birthday, Domingo admitted “we” have learned so much from Sinatra.

  • Nick says:

    I wonder, why would that “never happen to Richter”?

  • -/ says:

    Richter instead was lucky enough to be admired by michelangeli abm .. and the pseudo gay connotation in your analogy isn’t that funny ..

  • Paul Randall says:

    Doris Day can surely never have played with anyone better than Previn – their ‘Duets’ album of 1962 is quite marvellous.

  • Tully Potter says:

    She clearly had very good taste.

  • steven holloway says:

    LA’s Philharmonic Auditorium on the occasion of Gilel’s first visit to the USA west coast in 1958.

    I doubt that there are grounds for the assertion in the header, however, true though it might possibly be, and the Richter allusion escapes me completely. I must wonder what our imaginative blogger would make of the photos of Marlene Dietrich with Charles Munch or Charlie Chaplin with Clara Haskil. In truth, Dietrich had wanted to be a classical musician and took an active interest in the BSO, while Chaplin, a true classical music buff, was a neighbour of Haskil in Switzerland.

    Chaplin and Dietrich were, by the by, two of the seven figures Charles Koechlin devoted movements to in his Seven Stars’ Symphony.

  • David K. Nelson says:

    Perhaps Gilels wanted to make sure Doris Day didn’t intend to interrupt his concert by screaming. She was known to do that during performances of Arthur Benjamin’s Storm Cloud cantata. Much more disruptive than some kid shouting “wow” to be sure.

  • Michael says:

    Her favorite pianist was Andre Previn. In 1961 they made an excellent record together called “Duet”.

  • peter says:

    Probably in 1958 on the set of the Gene Kelly produced film: The Tunnel Of Love – there are photo’s of Gene Kelly and Gilels online. Doris Day was the star of this picture.