Biz news: Dutch pianist gets upgrade

The promising young Dutchman Hannes Minnaar signed today to Emma-Jane Wyatt’s boutique agency, EJ-Arts.

Hannes has been with a mid-sized Dutch agency for nine years and needs to crack on. Emma-Jane, with only two other artists on her books, is able to give strategic attention.


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  • Looks like L. Debargue without the moustache. Where does he figure in the international league table?

    • League tables?! Is playing the piano an Olympic sport? If you’re interested, Minnaar is a very gifted musician, who has already made his mark in the Netherlands. You’ll be hearing more from him.

  • Nicholas Kenyon, who runs the Barbican and for years was a music critic who I respected highly, recently did a Building a Library feature on BBC Radio 3 discussing all the available recordings of the Emperor Concerto. I think there are about 200. Minnaar’s was his first choice. On the evidence I heard in excerpts, “fine” is ungenerous. I haven’t yet heard him live.

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