Bassoon finalists at the Tchaik

Bassoon finalists at the Tchaik


norman lebrecht

May 15, 2019

These are the finalists in the first-ever contest for bassoonists at the International Tchaikovsky Competition:

Descours Lola / France


Lefevre Marceau / France
Stevensson Sebastian / Sweden
Giannotti Raffaele / Italy
Spackova Michaela / Czech Republic
Szymon Michalik / Poland
Batrakova Anastasia / Russia
Jeon Jisu / South Korea
Boichard Marie / France
Kreshchenskyi Mark / Ukraine
Radzevich Yuriy / Russia
Shkaptsov Arseniy / Russia




  • Dominik Brookleer says:

    My goodness, isn’t she attractive too!

  • Ruben Greenberg says:

    French bassoonists, but French bassoons? I shouldn’t think so any more. Your thoughts on the matter, please. At any rate, France seems to produce a lot of great bassoonists these days.