A store cleaner comes out as a classical pianist

Seems it’s George Sokol, of the Hampstead Sokol Piano Academy.

The store is John Lewis, Oxford Street.


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  • Has anyone ever “come out as a classical pianist” by playing a Queen/Freddie Mercury song?

    • Why must people always be SO critical? When I’m out shopping I’d much rather listen to George live than the usual piped rap.

  • The lovely Bohemian Rhapsody cleverly arranged and performed by George Sokol. For anyone who was a fan of Queen in the 70s it can’t fail to bring back memories…

  • Was this done as a publicity stunt or does he really work part-time as a cleaner to make ends meet?

  • Georges, not ‘George’. Apparently, a businessman – other enterprises to do with cinema and table tennis it seems — who teaches piano and also composes. I must think that his offering here is one of those compositions, and this didn’t exactly stun me. It did remind of Richard Clayderman, though, and I’d rather hear something that didn’t and somewhat more stunning playing.

      • I think it was actually a bit of publicity-seeking, but, in any case, I don’t care about the video. My comment was aimed more at the way it is presented in this post. See the header. And then click on the video and don’t see a classical pianist. It certainly would be fun if the ‘cleaner’ sat down and whipped off a few Chopin etudes.

  • I find it amusing.

    Wasn’t the great opera singer, Mario Lanza, originally a truck driver until he was “discovered”?

    • Don’t forget Elvis the coal miner and the Beatles who used to dive for coins when tourist ships steamed in to Liverpool. A mighty ascent all round.

  • Oh my, and he describes himself as a professional pianist providing the best piano lessons in London on his website… Is this an effect of Brexit by any chance?

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