A second defenestration in Prague

A second defenestration in Prague


norman lebrecht

May 22, 2019

Latest from the embattled National Theatre is that Silvia Hroncová, much-respected director of the National Theater Opera and the State Opera, resigned today. Taking the side of employees protesting against Peter Boye Hansen’s arrival as artistic director from August 2019, she’s the second boss to go in as many days.

‘My decision to resign as a director was conditioned by the unresolved situation associated with the new season,the different views on the future direction of the opera, its organizational and personnel structure, and the opera’s operation. Director Jan Burian has a different perspective and I have so far respected him in his position, but in connection with the tense situation in the opera, which culminated in an open letter to the theater director, who signed almost 350 opera employees, this situation and a busy working environment I can no longer accept,’ said Hroncova.



  • Bogda says:

    It’s really pity that both Hroncova and Kofron have decided to leave National Theater. Both of them contributed a lot to significant artistic development of the opera over the last years. On the other side both of them were supposed to be reassigned to new positions under new management, so it’s not so surprising.

  • Euphonium Al says:

    This would actually be the third defenestration. Historically, two occurred, not just one.

  • Patricia Yeiser says:

    Defenestration is an old Prague custom.