A French Mexican sings for a united Europe

A French Mexican sings for a united Europe


norman lebrecht

May 24, 2019

Message from Rolando Villazon:


Unsere Stimmen für ein offenes, buntes und vereintes Europa! Am 26. Mai haben wir alle die Chance, über die europäische Zukunft zu entscheiden. Nutzt Eure Stimmen, geht wählen!

Our voices for an open, diverse and united Europe! On May 26, we all have the chance to decide the future of Europe. Use your voices, go vote!


  • tian says:

    utterly annoying he is.

  • Andrew says:

    In beloved but currently EU-blighted Britain we voted last Thursday, Rolando, lad. It seems like most sensible folk rejected your over-centralized, open-bordered, multi-culti, hell-hole vision and have given a splendid kicking to the traitors in the tired old EUrophile parties. How’s Mexico doing?

    • Irrelohe says:

      There speaks another little Englander living in the past (and an imagined one at that). I think he’ll find that the “multi-culti”-ness of Britain that he so hates has very little to do with the EU; does he really think that the country has been ruined by some eastern Europeans, who are far outnumbered by non-EU immigrants who have been there much longer (and who will come in much greater numbers if EU freedom of movement ceases)? As for western Europeans, why should they even think of coming to the UK in its current insular and xenophobic mindset?

      • Grok Parlamint says:

        Sour grapes. You’ll have to tighten your belt when the UK leaves the Druncker EuSSR, as currently the UK pays about 9 billion GBP more in than it gets out. And enjoy your kids being conscripted into the European army.

      • Samppa Lehkosuo says:

        Your arrogance and obviously restricted mental capacity merely confirms that leave was the best choice.

    • HugoPreuss says:

      Yeah, right. In 2016 I was shocked by the British vote, then I hoped for a decent exit treaty, now I just pity my British friends. As for the likes of you, we have one thing in common: I can’t wait for you to leave. Good riddance, and happy post-EU Britain.

      • Albrecht Wirrtz says:

        You can save your fake shock and pity for the 6000 eliminated Thyssen Krupp jobs and the Deutsche Bank empoyees when the latter finally goes down the tubes and takes the European banking system with it.

  • erich says:

    With him, it’s all about personal publicity. Gets on one‘s nerves.

    • martain smith says:

      Anything to get into the headlines!

    • sycorax says:

      Do you know him personally or on what is your judgement based?

      I actually know him often speaking up for certain cases like the red nose doctors or the Mozart foundation in Salzburg. That he brings his unique personality to such causes – well, that’s why people ask him to support them!

  • Allen says:

    How about singing for a united Central America?

  • Cantantelirico says:

    Some lessons are hard learned.

  • John G. Deacon says:

    Villazon should be aware that there’s nothing wrong with an united Europe in general terms. What none of us need (as time will show) is an united and undemocratic FEDERAL Europe controlled from Berlin & Paris (which is where we are heading at the moment).

    • Saxon Broken says:

      What an incredibly bizarre comment.

      Why is it that people who shout this kind of ignorant and idiotic rubbish are those who actually know the least about how the EU actually works.

  • Chappel Daingle says:

    Youth unemployment rates in the EUSSR multicultural paradise:

    Greece 38.8%, Italy 30.2%, Spain 33.7%, Finland 23.4% France 20.2 %, Portugal 16.5 %


    EU share of world economic output has shrunk from 20% ten years ago to 15% today


    Roland, I suggest you place your song up your GDP shrinkage and keep it there out of sight.

    P.S. The EU (28 countries, soon to be 27) is not Europe (50 countries).

    • Saxon Broken says:

      And the US has gone from 40 percent to 15 percent of world output over the last 50 years. The western world is becoming economically less important and the EU really isn’t the cause of this decline.

  • Ms.Melody says:

    And to think he once had an operatic voice. Sad …

  • Patricia Yeiser says:

    I love his concert/recording of Handel with Paul McCreesh and his Gabrielli Players. I never heard “Ombra mai fu” sung with more tenderness and pathos. Having said that, I think artists of all sorts should keep out of politics. They aren’t good at it, and mostly all tip to the Left. More singing, less political chatter. (And I generally don’t care for tenors – they tend to bleat in the upper register. Villazon doesn’t – and some day he will make a lovely baritone; he already has a lovely lower voice.)

  • Mephistopheles says:

    The chronic and helpless europhiliacs on this site are out in force, it seems.