8 women, 4 men in Queen Elizabeth finals

The 12 finalists of the Queen Elisabeth Violin Competition 2019 were announced late last night:

Stella Chen (USA, 26)
Timothy Chooi (Canada, 25)
Ioana Cristina Goicea (Romania/Germany, 26)
Luke Hsu (USA, 28) 
Sylvia Huang (Belgium, 25)
Stephen Kim (USA, 23)
Shannon Lee (Canada/USA, 26)
Seiji Okamoto (Japan, 24)
Júlia Pusker (Hungary, 27)
Eva Rabchevska (Ukraine, 22)
Ji Won Song (Korea, 26)
Yukiko Uno (Japan, 23)

Smile, please.

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  • In the photo it looked like eight women and four men.

    I heard Ms Goicea last year – she’s a fine violinist.

    Best wishes (or should that be ‘break a string’).

  • Sylvia is the first Belgian in 10 years to be in the finals, she is a member of the first violins of the Concertgebouw orchestra.

  • I‘ll keep my fingers crossed for Timothy Chooi, last year‘s winner of the Joseph Joachim competition in Hannover, Germany

  • Why point out the gender difference? Many more women than men learn the violin these days. Nor is this the PC-hyped world of promoting women conductors; this is based on quality.

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