12 oboists in the Tchaikovsky finals

They are:
Krimer Alexander /Germany
Blair Max Daniel / USA
Pidoux Gabriel / France
Kobylskiy Ivan / Russia
Yoon Sooyun / South Korea
Vallentin Juri / Germany
Sanchez Sergio / Venezuela
Miroslavskii Emil / Russia
Rothman Melanie Jessica / UK

Choi Naeun / South Korea
Djikoloum Armand / France
Fedorov Alexey / Russia

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        • On this blog a photo is usually of a person whose name is directly above it – in this case I suppose it is of Miss M.J. Rothman.

    • It’s Melanie Rothman. Hints: NL inserts the photo right next to the person’s name; also, if you right click on the photo, its name will pop up. Often the name of the photo contains identifying information of the person.

  • I’m surprised that there’s an American on that list; the American sound and style are very different from pretty much everywhere else, especially Europe.

  • Speaking of attractive candidates. . .

    For anyone who hasn’t seen The Vivaldi Guys video, here it is. This oboe duo is especially popular with women viewers. And also with Yannick Nézet-Séguin who was delighted by the video & apparently retweeted it!


    The best part is that for all their antics, they both are fine players! The oboe guy with glasses is Gabriel Pidoux of France, who won 2nd prize at the Prague Competition last nite. He is also one of the 12 oboists named above who will compete at the Tchaikovsky.

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