Your instrument is safe in the baggage hold

Your instrument is safe in the baggage hold


norman lebrecht

April 28, 2019

A message from George Bostick, a member of the Bay City Rollers:

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers were very disappointed with the baggage handlers at Edinburgh Airport for our EasyJet flight to Milan this weekend. Nick’s prized USA Fender Telecaster arrived in Milan airport completely destroyed.

After a lot of questions, passing the blame, and the people in charge refusing to speak to us, we finally found out that this had actually happened on the runway in Edinburgh! One of the airport vehicles had run over the guitar and then the staff had decided to load it on the plane anyway, with no warning or explanation to us!

We then arrived in Milan, hours before our headline show with a destroyed guitar.

The incredible support team at CELTICA Valle d’Aosta – PAGINA UFFICIALE managed to take us to a music store to buy a new guitar – at our own expense – so that the show could go on.

So a warning from us, be careful if you are flying Easy Jet from Edinburgh – your prized possessions might not make it to their destination in one piece.



  • NYMike says:


  • doof says:

    Since when are the Bay City Rollers and the Red Hot Chili Peppers all “We”?

  • Peter says:

    Such a terrible thing to have happened.
    Generally people blame the airline, but I think the baggage handlers are employed by the airport and the airline has almost nothing to do with it. So if you want a “never do it again” response it should be, never fly from Edinburgh again on any airline.

    • sylvain says:

      True !
      Also, one should not mistake the Red Hot Chilli Pipers mentionned above with the Red hot chili peppers…