Two American kids’ orchestras at the BBC Proms

In a season that looks somewhat pared down, two notable performances will be given by the National Youth Orchestraof the USA with Sir AntonioPappano (August 11) and the Orchestra of the RoyalAcademy of Music and the Juilliard Schoolwith Edward Gardner (22 July).

Hottest Prom of the year?

Sheku Kanneh-Mason playing the Elgar concerto with Mirga Grazinyte-Tyla and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra on August 22.



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  • Very good! I’m also looking forward to the NYOGB with Mark Wigglesworth. Another brilliant advocate for serious youth music making.

  • Historically the NYOGB have always performed – why two more youth orchestras?! Nevertheless, cutting costs, as no payment required. But lovely for the young musicians. As ever, music is at the bottom of the financial pile….

  • This probably one of the least interesting Proms ever. Pure mainstream. Even as a crowd pleaser this Proms lacks imagination.

  • Am so sick of the zeitgeist overhyping of a basically decent cellist (Kanneh-Mason) as if he’s the new Messiah. The BBC are particularly culpable of this stating “by royal approval” etc etc. It’s sickening over hype. I wish this young talent all the best but can we dial down the hyperbolic compliments and plugging PLEASE!!!

    • Yes, he is at the beginning of his career and needs time to develop. He is already talented and hopefully will become a truly fantastic musician. But I would prefer more patience and that he is given the opportunity to explore the repertoire and to make some mistakes.

  • Something I think is interesting is that all the major London orchestras, the Royal Opera House and the Proms have been pretty late publishing their programmes this year. The reason for this is that they are finding it difficult to get the artists to commit given the situation with Brexit: the artists are taking a gamble on what the visa/tax situation will be. (Provincial arts organisations are having similar issues.)

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