The violist of Hey Jude is still taking gigs

The Times of Israel has a feature on Eric Sargon, who got a call to play on the Beatles track, ‘Hey, Jude’. At the time, he was a viola player in the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Sargon, 91, has now gone to live with his family in Jerusalem, where his granddaughter apparently manages his freelance diary.

Read on here.

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  • Simon Scott says:

    A great viola player

  • Sophia says:

    Eric is a legend! Played with him a few years ago. What a nice chap.

  • Spenser says:

    Naaaaa, na na nanana naaaaa, nanana naaaaa, Hey Jude!
    **Hey Judy, Judy Judy Judy WAAAAA!!!!**
    Long life, and keep rockin’, Eric!

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