Sicklist: Martha cancels Italy

Sicklist: Martha cancels Italy


norman lebrecht

April 04, 2019

Argerich, 77, played Paris this week but is too unwell to face five days in Italy, April 10 to 14, according to her reps.

She hasn’t cancelled much this year.



  • Andy says:

    I hope she’s well enough to resume soon – she’s been playing often recently and has a busy schedule for the rest of this year. We should be grateful for that. I heard/saw her play the Schumann concerto twice in January and she was on dazzling form.

  • Myrtar says:

    That’s so unlike her!

    • Maria says:

      Well, people do get ill, including her – that’s the reality of life, and she is also 77 and needs her physical strength as well.