Prince Charles intervenes in London concert

The heir to the throne has put out a letter on his personal notepaper, expressing enthusiasm for Wednesday’s modern revival of Sir Hubert Parry’s biblical oratorio, Judith.

Prince Charles points out that the score contains the melody of the famous hymn ‘Dear Lord and Father of Mankind’ and declares that he ‘would have loved to be present on this important occasion.’

Worth more than a good review?



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  • Nice to have a little royal encouragement. In a world where so many people want to criticise, giving words of support is quite refreshing.

  • I wonder what other unavoidable engagement he has on that evening, that precludes him from attending, seeing as he would so have wished to do so.

    • Doesn’t really matter where he was as a genuinely hardworking royal. The main thing is he bothered to write so eloquently in a culture of criticism.

    • He’s in the North West, meeting local artists and businesspeople and members of Manchester’s Muslim community. Easy enough to find this stuff out; his diary is publicly available.

    • I suspect it’s not as simple for HRH to attend a concert as we commoners experience. I would imagine that the venue would have to be vetted for security issues as well as those involved being told an HRH was going to be in attendance.

    • He is oop north. You’re welcome.

      “3 April 2019

      The Prince of Wales will visit the British Muslim Heritage Centre to meet members of the Muslim community, and learn about the centre’s programme of education and community initiatives. The British Muslim Heritage Centre, College Road, Manchester M16 8BP.

      The Prince of Wales will visit the Old Courts to learn about the building’s restoration into a community arts centre and meet participants from a variety of local arts projects. The Old Courts, Crawford Street, Wigan WN1 1NA

      The Prince of Wales will visit the Toffee Works to celebrate the 100 years of William Santus & Co. Ltd’s factory operating on the site. The Toffee Works, Dorning Street, Wigan WN1 1HE.

      The Prince of Wales will visit Wigan Little Theatre, 44 Crompton Street, Wigan WN1 3SL.”

  • What a lovely and thoughtful letter he wrote. But then he is one Royal who is very musical and takes the time to bother.

  • Three cheers for Charles!

    I wonder if some far future HRH, in his or her role as cheerleader for all things British, will have to pen such a letter to commend a revival of works by the Sex Pistols or The Spice Girls.

  • Dear Norman,
    Couldn’t you possibly find a way to allow the enlargement of the photographs or texts attached? Impossible to read Prince Charles’ prose on a smartphone.
    Also, I know you “value our privacy”, but several times a session?
    Thank you!

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