Placido Domingo hits 4,000

The Guinness Book of Domingos will record that tonight’s Simon Boccanegra in Vienna will be the 4,000th time PD has sung on an opera stage.


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  • Unbelievable milestone! Argue what you like about his voice today, but his presence alone would electrify the whole house. Nuff said.

  • I have a question for Caravaggio and Sycorax:
    Have you ever been on stage just once? I would really love to know. I really wonder why so many times you show so little respect towards artists? Especially when they are famous. It‘s not the fact that you criticize them. It is how you do it. So full of arrogance all the time. It is as if you think just because somebody is famous it is ok to insult them constantly from the comfort of your own living room.

    • Yep, I was on stage. More than once. Besides I’m an author what means my work is constantly on display too and consequently criticized.
      And you’re wrong about one thing: I’ve got a lot of respect for artists. I know what’s behind their art and how much discipline and hard work it needs to make a career out of talent. However, I don’t think that someone who’s become a “star” can’t be seen critically anymore. Just on the contrary. If one demands first billing he should deliver the performance rectifying it. And that’s where Placido Domingo fails in the last years. I’ve listened to part of the Boccanegra from Vienna these days – and it was horrible! Voice gone, short on breath and I was wondering all the time: Why does he do to that to himself, destroying his own legend? As a tenor he was something very special and he often was really great. Yet now, as … no, I can’t name him a “baritone” he isn’t one!

      • I wonder how you were able to listen to Domingo’s Vienna Boccanegra, because as far as I know the latest performances were not broadcast.

  • I also thought on what Norman would say on the First of April. For mister Domingo this joke is a kind of flattering.

  • We saw Domingo on the stage at the Met playing Samson, what a magnificent performance, with Denyce Graves, another fantastic voice. And again, so many years later, where he plays Giorgio in La Traviata. He continues to have magnificent stage presence and an outstanding voice.
    We are lucky to have him in our lifetime. Why are people so cruel – jealousy, I’m sure.

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