Opera star, 94, is still getting work

We’ve received an update on Franz Mazura, the world-renowned Wagnerian bass-baritone.

Franz is still working.  He’s playing Meister Hans Schwarz in Berlin’s Meistersinger under Barenboim next week.

The day after the run ends he will turn 95. And he’s still looking for roles.

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  • I remember him as a compelling Dr Schoen/Jack the Ripper in the Boulez/Chereau Lulu and also as Gunther in the Bayreuth Centenary Ring cycle. I didn’t realise that he’d also been in Star Trek. Thanks for sharing the clip.

    Magnificent that he’s still performing.

  • Incredible. But when everyone and the media are constantly and stupidly making such a BFD of Domingo this, Domingo that, there is little to no room for anyone else, is there?

  • He is four years too old for the Grand Inquisitor in Don Carlos. That probably won’t matter because he is most likely in great shape for his age. Is the role a good fit for his voice?

  • Even more remarkable is that among the other Masters will be Graham Clark, Siegfried Jerusalem and Reiner Goldberg. The combined ages of these three plus Mazura will be 340!! And just imagine how many Wagner performances they have taken part in during their careers! Between them they’ve appeared in 70 Bayreuth festivals.

  • So he beats Mark Reizen’s record. Well done! And if, as Mr Linardos says, he’s 4 years too old for the Grand Inquisitor, can we therefore expect him to sing in the Met’s next production of Don Carlo? 😉

  • Herr Mazura will be in great company. Other distinguished, superannuated artists on that Staatsoper Unter den Linden Meistersinger cast include Siegfriend Jerusalem, Reiner Goldberg, Graham Clark, and Olaf Baer!!! I hope to attend the last performance April 21, and likely there will be some sort of onstage ceremony. Can’t wait!

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