‘Opera singer’ is Brexit Party candidate

Lucy Harris, founder of Leavers for Britain and a Brexit Party candidate for the EU Parliament elections, claims ‘I used to be an opera singer’.


It must be one of the few election claims that cannot be disproved.

Recognise her, anybody?



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  • I still am an opera singer and my bathroom renditions of the major bass arias are frequently commented on, if not always favourably. I wonder why she packed it in.

  • Goggle her, in two seconds you can see details of her singing history, cannot be disproved unless you do the most basic easy checks that prove she is telling the truth.

  • According to her biog, she sang “solo soprano at the Royal Albert Hall on behalf of the John Lewis Partnership”. Doesn’t say if she’s ever appeared at the Garden.

    • The EU are just an unnecessary layer in European dealings, and are doing everything they can in desperation to preserve their parasitic corrupt institution. Leaving them will only hurt us in the short to medium term, but thinking longer term we will be SO glad we escaped while we still had the chance.

      The origins of the EU are quite chilling once you discover the details, going back a hundred years or more. If you can manage to see the 12 hour documentary Europa – The Last Battle made in 2017, this is a reasonable grounding on the details. Centralised power has never been a good thing.

  • Originally form Suffolk she lived in Italy for two years (Turin and Rome), where she taught herself Italian. She then studied classical singing performance at Guildhall Conservatoire and City University in London. In 2015 she got a big break singing solo soprano at The Royal Albert Hall on behalf of the John Lewis Partnership.

  • Studied singing at the Guildhall. Sang solo soprano “on behalf of the John Lewis Partnership” at the Albert Hall in 2015. That done, she apparently had an the epiphany that she was meant to be a ‘communicator’ and went into publishing. She is now a member of an outfit called the Motley Crew. And very motley they are.

  • She sounds like a whiner and a loser (yes, she’s for Brexit).

    Maybe she carried a spear as 4th backup to Brunhilda in a small-time production and thinks she’s an opera star?

  • Lets hope this Brexit issue is resolved soon. The uncertainty affects more than those who live in the UK. One of the most convenient ways to travel between Australia and Europe, for instance, is by British Airways. Currently booking flights from BA seems highly imprudent.

  • A quick Google search reveals that the height of her career seems to be a 150th Anniversary concert for John Lewis at the Albert Hall. Hardly La Scala …

  • I think she’s using “opera singer” (as most people do) to mean “classically trained”, and she’s clearly had some credible experience, even if she hasn’t made a career out of it. Good luck to her for being public-spirited and getting involved, anyway, when so many merely snipe from behind keyboards.

    (Alternately: Classical musician defies official industry consensus on Brexit! Shocking! Ban her! We are open-minded, tolerant people and since she disagrees with us she must never work again! Etc, etc).

  • “arbitrary skill set”?

    “Arbitrary”, from the Cambridge Dictionary:

    1. based on chance rather than being planned or based on reason

    2. using unlimited personal power without considering other people’s wishes

    or for us Yanks:

    1. based on a desire or idea or chance rather than reason

  • Probably as much an opera singer as Charlotte Church, Russell Watson or any of those contestants on Britain’s Got Talent blasting out ‘O mio babbino caro’.

  • Opera singers would be too ashamed to admit any connection to this rag-tag-and-bobtail army of beer-throwers, flag-wavers, and knuckledragging chavs.

  • Frankly I can’t see the point of all this mud slinging just on the basis of one phrase. It would actually be better to find out what she has to say in matters of politics than just what level she sang at. That is what it is all about.

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