Not many unheard concertos are this appealing

From the Lebrecht Album of the Week:

…  Both lyrical and emotional — one passage calls to mind Vaughan Williams’ The Lark Ascending — it is also challenging and hopeful, closer in some ways to Janacek than to Korngold or Richard Strauss. You will not meet many unheard concertos of such wistful and appealing qualities, passionately evoked by an empathetic soloist….

Read on here.

And here.

Ici en francais.


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  • Perlman recorded the BH concerto.
    It’s probably decades since he played it, now that his concerto performance repertoire has shrunk to Bruch #1, Beethoven, Tchaik and Bach A minor.

    • He’s 73 years of age and has led a very active life, despite suffering from polio.
      The fact that he can play anything (and at such a high level still ) is amazing. He should be congratulated and not knocked.

  • Try listening to the music of Nicolai Berezowsky, if you can find it, and then there are the concertos by Ami Maayani.

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