Newfound footage of a rare piano star

The great Brazilian Guiomar Novaes in her late 60s, playing on the world stage.


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  • William says:

    Wonderful performance, such a pleasure to listen.

  • Murray Citron says:

    I have a substantial collection of Mme. Novaes’s recordings…and when I met her at Patelsons’ in 1973,
    she autographed her recording of the Mendelssohn Songs Without Words for me (Turnabout/Vox TV 34245)

  • Andre says:

    Thank you finding this wonderful video of such a great pianist.

  • Gene says:

    Beautiful playing! I wish she hadn’t left out the “hard” Chopin preludes (8, 12, 16, 19); she certainly had the facility to play them well, based on her performance of #24. Was the next-to-last piece she played by Villa-Lobos?

    • Wimmo says:

      Chopin Preludes Op. 28: C major, A minor, G major, E minor, A major, A flat major, F minor, C minor, F major and D minor.
      Villa-Lobos – Pierrot’s Little Horse (from Momo Pre Coce)
      Villa-Lobos – Polichinello (from Prole do Bebê)

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