ENO’s chief has plenty of nuttin

Daniel Kramer, artistic drector of English National Opera, trumpets a box-office record in the gullible Times today. ‘We have had a great financial season amd great artistic season with four Olivier awards nominations,’ he proclaims. The season’s greatest hit was Porgy and Bess, the company’s ‘highest grossing show ever’.

Porgy and Bess was conceived, cast and to all effects produced by Kramer’s precdecessor, John Berry, who is given no credit.

Kramer’s name is on some of ENO poorest recent shows, such as Jack the Ripper.

He’s got plenty of nuttin.



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  • The self-same Kramer who believes that serial murders are a fine subject for an entertaining night out in the West End.

    For shame.

  • Kramer’s comment is meaningless without the figures to back it up.

    ENO hasn’t even published its 2017-18 annual accounts yet.

    Nine months after they should be publicly published by the Charity Commission, there is no sign of them.

    The last ENO accounts published by the Charity Commission cover 2016-17, ie up to July 2017.


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