Midori is among the Reine Elisabeth judges

They have just announced the jury for the competition, which starts at the end of this month.

On board are: Pierre Amoyal, Martin Beaver, Corina Belcea, Patrice Fontanarosa, Pamela Frank, Lorenzo Gatto, Koichiro Harada, Yossif Ivanov, Dong-Suk Kang, Victor Kissine, Jaime Laredo, Shirly Laub, Mihaela Martin, Midori, Natalia Prischepenko, Vadim Repin and Arabella Steinbacher.

Gilles Ledure succeeds Arie Van Lysebeth as chairman of the jury for the instrumental sessions (violin 2019, piano 2020 & cello 2021).


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  • Only six international soloists – the rest are regional teachers/ third rate soloists and not the calibre for such a prestigious competition. I suggest you look at previous juries. Shameful.

    • Its bad enough that this sort of competition exists
      One looks at the list and thinks it is beyond shameful. it is the pits.

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