Meet two NY Phil men who want your money

The official version:

Peter W. May and Oscar L. Tang were elected Co-Chairs of the Board of Directors of the Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York, Inc., at the March 27, 2019, meeting of the organization’s Board of Directors. Each will hold the title of Co-Chair Designate until they become Co-Chairs in September, succeeding Oscar S. Schafer, who has held the post of Chairman since 2015. As Co-Chairs, Mr. May and Mr. Tang will serve as the Society’s chief volunteer officers. 

Volunteer = donors.

They need to raise so much cash during the hall renovation period, it will take two strong men to carry it.


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  • They’ve hired an executive search firm and are now advertising for an “Executive Director of the David Geffen Hall Campaign” position. Interestingly, the ad says: “Fundraising for this highly-focused campaign is anticipated to be completed by 2022.”

    Has the Philharmonic finalized when/where they’re going to play? There was initially talk about renovating a large hall on the campus of Hunter College just for them but I’ve heard nothing further. Obviously, they can’t do everything in Carnegie Hall. Unfortunately, 2 of the nicest halls in NY City are in neighborhoods where some might not want to visit: Aaron Davis Hall is Harlem and Lehman College Arts Center in the Bronx.

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