Maestro move: Norwegian adds a third job

Rune Bergmann, already music director of the Calgary Philharmonic (Canada) and the Szczecin Philharmonic (Poland) is to be Chief Conductor and Music Director of the Argovia Philharmonic, in Switzerand.

Bergmann, 42, collects air miles.

photo: Pual Huang

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  • I think this case represents something of a problem: to whom does this conductor owe loyalty to? What about conflicts in scheduling and the like? What about the representation of a city/area/orchestra rather than many?

    I’m all for paying conductors a comfortable, living wage but against those who “game the system” and string together lists of their positions. To me, it’s an admission of failure: none of these positions amounts to much.

  • Good for him. Nice to be able to travel the world playing fine music just off the high-pressure radar.

      • Argovia is actually Italian for what is the Kanton Aargau, in the North of Switzerland. The name comes from the River Aare which is a tributary of the Rhine.

        Please don’t tell the Swiss that it is “German speaking Switzerland” because they all speak SwissDeutsch (their own dialect) and probably a local one for Aargau that I don’t know about. And almost all Swiss speak German, French, Italian and yes, English, plus many dialects and they speak all remarkably well.

        I know nothing about the orchestra.

    • ==Where is Argovia located? Never heard of the place.

      Err… With fewer clicks needed than you took to pose this, you could have looked it up. Welcome to the 20th century, BB

  • Fine conductor I saw an outstanding concert by him guesting with Baltimore a few months back. Superb Nielsen 4th.

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