Just in: Covent Garden aide is charged with murder

Roderick Deakin-White, 37, a freelance graphic designer at the Royal Opera House, has been charged with the murder of his Australian partner, Amy Parsons. Ms Parsons, 35, was found dead on Friday t their Whitechapel flat.

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  • He was a freelance graphic designer. His list of previous clients is reported (in the article linked) to have included the Royal Opera House. What that probably means is that his association with the Royal Opera House extends no further than his once having designed a flier for them, or perhaps he typeset a particularly stylish-looking “PLEASE DISPOSE OF SANITARY PRODUCTS IN THE BIN PROVIDED” sign. Yet we do know that (i) he is not an employee of the Royal Opera House, (ii) the offence he has been charged with – murder in a context of domestic violence – is completely unrelated to his professional activities or those of the Royal Opera House, and (iii) the Royal Opera House would be entitled to feel pretty miffed at such a preposterous suggestion of guilt by association.

    I know it’s Monday, but are things really that slow today?

    (Oh, and, no, I’m not associated with the Royal Opera House in any way. I’m just a reader who gets irked by being clickbaited under false pretences.)

    • Me thinks you have misjudged the proper tone you should adopt in life on these occasions Colonel Mustard – a woman is dead, murdered …. Replace the words ‘a woman’ with the words ‘your mother’ or ‘you sister’ and next time you might realise that this really wasn’t the place for your juvenile joviality.

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