Just in: Glyndebourne switches conductors

Post-Brexit travel blues?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Ryan Wigglesworth is replacing Antonello Manacorda to conduct the Glyndebourne Festival 2019 production of Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte. Glyndebourne looks forward to welcoming Antonello Manacorda to the Festival again in the future.


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  • Post-Brexit travel-blues? He’d be very unlucky if so, firstly because we’re not actually post-Brexit, and secondly because the 19-20 seasons of every UK orchestra and opera company are packed with European and international performers who presumably foresee no such problem.

    (Unless they’re travelling from Paris by Eurostar, which has been in a state of mayhem for weeks due to French labour unrest. In other words, not the B-word, just European business as usual).

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