Burgers with your Beethoven?

From today’s desperate PR intake:

The inaugural “Three Bs” Fest will feature a cook-off with two competing burger recipes, a tasting of whiskeys, and a performance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony by the String Orchestra of Brooklyn

The competitors for the coveted Golden Spatula will be Harlem Public and Madcap Cafe, with their burger recipes rated by the audience in real-time via the Burger Club website

Whiskeys will be provided by Angel’s Envy, Blackened American Whiskey, Five & 20, NY Distilling Co, Van Brunt Stillhouse, Widow Jane, and more

The Festival kicks off the second season of The Angel’s Share, the acclaimed opera and classical music concert series that takes place in the Green-Wood Catacombs, curated by Andrew Ousley.

You want more?

The first-ever Burgers, Bourbon & Beethoven Festival at Green-Wood Cemetery, May 25, 2019, from 7-10PM. The event will feature competing burger recipes that will be sampled and rated by the audience, a whiskey tasting of boutique bourbons alongside craft cocktails, and a performance of Beethoven’s immortal Fifth Symphony by the String Orchestra of Brooklyn, conducted by Eli Spindel.


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  • Having these two (three of you include the Bourbon) art forms come together is a culmination of pleasure, a way to die happy…and conveniently placed in a cemetery if you combust with enthusiasm.
    I think good ol’ Ludwig would have wanted it that way…

  • Speaking personally, I prefer my Beethoven with bratwursts …

    But the only thing disappointing about this festival is that Beethoven’s 5th is going to be performed by a string orchestra. That’s like taking the alcohol out of the beer.

  • Gorblimey, I wish I could be there.
    On May 25 – or thereabouts – I’ll definitely be having a cheeseburger and a Manhattan while listening to the Beeth 5 at home (Furtwangler’s wild rendition taped at his 1947 return concert with the BPO would be a good choice).
    Bravo and double bravo to all the instigators of this marvelous event!

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