Bleeding soprano is good to go

Bleeding soprano is good to go


norman lebrecht

April 12, 2019

The heroic Aušrinė Stundytė, who was rushed to a Paris hospital for stitches near the end of the second act of Lady Macbeth of Mtsenk this week, has confirmed that she’s ready to sing the role again tomorrow night.

There has been no clarification from the Bastille about the piece of malfunctioning machinery that cut her hand. Singers take to the stage everywhere at their own risk, and especially at the Bastille.

The Opéra has also made the highly dubious offer of half-price tickets for any performance in the run to first-nighters who saw the opera abandoned towards the end of the second act.

That’s really poor customer care.


  • melisande says:

    1/ Bleeding? Oh please.
    2/ No machinery malfunctioning is involved.
    3/ It’s her foot, not her hand.
    4/ “..especially at the Bastille” ? easy allegation. Can you develop?

    That’s really poor information.

  • Busybee says:

    Dear Mr Lebrecht, could you please check your facts before writing ? She didn’t cut her hand with any machinery . She was bare foot and one of her male colleague stepped on her toe and it got cut . This is really sad to read lies like this . And this is poor journalism . Check your facts . Thank you .

  • So… I buy a whole opera, but get half an opera. But to see the whole opera, I have to pay for half an opera. Like what those guys on Time Square corners do with three cards, only with tickets. Satisfy the customer, and deliver on the the contract you made with them when they bought the ticket in advance.

    • BP says:

      The Opéra has in fact given spectators of the interrupted show a choice between a free exchange for Lady Macbeth at a different date or a coupon worth 50% of the original ticket price that they are free to use on another show. The info given by Mr. Lebrecht is half correct, somewhat loke saying a singer’s hand was injured when it was her foot.

  • luthier88 says:

    Bleeding in the course of an Opera. The patrons should pay extra for that!

  • Zeitblom says:

    5/ It wasn’t the first night
    6/ Customers have been offered a free ticket for any other date of the series, or if they prefer so, a coupon worth half the price of their original ticket.