Biz news: Cami hires new agent

The mega-agency is mugging along:

New York, NY – April 30, 2019 – CAMI Music is proud to announce the expansion of its North American booking team with the hire of performing arts agent Jenny Kirlin. 

Effective immediately, Kirlin will serve as a Booking Agent responsible for the Western booking territory in the United States, reporting to Theresa Vibberts, CAMI Music’s VP of North America.  

“Jenny has had an impressively quick ascent as a respected and trusted agent over the past few years. We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome her to CAMI Music,” says Vibberts. “Her depth of experience, diverse perspective on the industry, and overall enthusiasm will be invaluable in realizing CAMI Music’s growth and mission to form innovative relationships benefitting the arts community.”


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  • CAMI Music and Columbia Artists are different companies altogether, have been for a while now. Doug Sheldon was with Columbia Artists. He had nothing to do with CAMI Music. This is not a story.

  • So that’s it?? No retraction? No apology for publishing this along with a person’s photograph misstating someone’s work affiliation? This is just irresponsible.

    • What’s irresponsible is most of what’s gone down at Cami/Columbia since Ronald Wilford’s death. Care to share any light on the sackings, the marchings-out, the vanishings? This is not a private enterprise. It’s the main hub of the classical music business. Tell us some real truths and we’ll take your worked-up outrage more seriously.

      • Norman – I have to say I find the continued confusion on your part as to the difference between the two companies tiring. Columbia Artists and Cami Music have always been two separate companies. You have a consistent tendency to attribute artists as well as staff to the wrong one. In addition, neither are public enterprises. Both are privately owned and as such private enterprises. Insisting on including commentary on one, hyperbole aside, while talking about the other is quite simply, irresponsible.

      • Norman you miss the point entirely. I know you’re a decent. person. Why can’t you just retract or correct the piece? Then if you like, I’ll tell you privately the information you’re so interested in.

  • Columbia Artists and CAMI Music are totally separate companies. The so-called “sackings, marching-outs and vanishings” seem to all be from Columbia Artists and not CAMI Music. It looks like CAMI Music is growing.

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