Biz news: Askonas lose top tenor

The American tenor Rene Barbera – Nemorino in La Scala’s L’elisir – switched today to the Milan agency InArt.

He was formerly with AskonasHolt in London.


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  • I think you may find that the wonderful René Barbera is American, from San Antonio, Texas (but now lives in Berlin). I don’t believe he is Italian (at least he wasn’t a few years ago when I worked with him). Don’t take my word for it, though: do check his website bio, and his Askonas Holt page.

  • Yes, Rene – formerly Erich – is American. He is from TX and went to school in NC. He moved to Europe with his wife only 2 years ago. Good for him with InArt, but this is hardly news worthy – people change agencies all the time.

    • not formerly but it’s preferred by the artist as both are his name. Hardly newsworthy yet you chose to read the article?

      • Well, sure. I know Renerich well…so when I saw his photo pop up, I thought I’d read the “article.”

        Like I said, good for Rene.

  • Who cares where he’s from or what name he uses for his profession. The man has the voice of an angel and is only getting better with time. God blessed him and it’s his gift to share and needs no national or cultural approbation.

  • AskonasHolt all to often pride themselves on securing exclusive contracts with great talent and then do little for them. Waiting for the phone to ring is no way to build a clients career. Rene is a wonderful artist. Why should he sit on a roster and waste away while lesser talents are conquering the stages of the world. JDF can’t shine Rene’s shoes.

  • Is this news? The same week one or two important singers left other agents to join Askonas…the merry dance continues

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