$100,000 grants for women who are writing operas

Opera America has spalshed out $100k to help seven women finish the operas they are composing.

The beneficiaries are:

· Sarah Taylor Ellis for The Trojan Women

· Donia Jarrar for Seamstress

· Gina Leishman for Bird of the Inner Eye

· Carla Lucero for Juana

· Kristin Norderval for The Sailmaker’s Wife

· Niloufar Nourbakhsh for We the Innumerable

· Celka Ojakangas (below) for Mirror Game




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  • Admirable but rather dangerous initiative….. If the results are nonsense, it will contribute to the idea that opera be better kept to the males.

  • Why does someone need support to keep writing an opera? I mean, if it’s a commission they already received a grant, if not, why bother? Just to promote a pseudo-gender policy? I’m not even getting into the merit of ‘why does anyone need SEVEN new operas?’

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