Yannick’s orchestra has more women conductors than men

The Orchestre Métropolitain of Montreal has announced its next season.

There are six guest conductors. Four are women.

From the press release:

Guest conductors are the Australian Nicholas Carter; Quebec’s own Nicolas Ellis (in Rachmaninoff’s seldom-heard Symphony No. 1); Hong Kong-born Elim Chan; Korean former cello prodigy Han-Na Chang; British Mozart authority Jane Glover; and the Mexican-American Alondra de la Parra.


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  • Also multiple commissions by women. And, most importantly, no one can whine about the loss of meritocracy, a false argument which this should put to rest for good (although I expect the tired De La Parra hating crowd to show up as usual).

    • It may feel tired for you, but I’ve performed under both Glover and de la Parra. Glover stands shoulder to shoulder with any of the great conductors. Intelligent and clear, with impeccable technique and wonderful humor. Alondra is unclear, arrogant, simplistic in her interpretation and completely self-absorbed. If I’m wrong, tell me I’m wrong, based on your experience performing under her.

  • Excellent! Jane Glover …arguably THE pioneer for female conductors of our time. Underrated and under invited. Magnificent understanding of and interpreter of Mozart and Handel!

  • I,ve got a question about Han-na Chang.
    Besides her conducting classes with James DePreist, I’ve heard a rumor she has personal coach classes with Antonio Pappano. Is it true?

    • You must not be keeping up with the news: sexism is great again…as long as it promotes women or transgender. Males can just go sit in a corner.
      But congrats to all the female conductors getting their big break for having “talent.”
      And by talent I definitely mean being non-male.

  • Well there’s certainly no competition for Y N-S in that lot, but this time I’ll refrain from linking videos of the usual suspects…

  • Because over-favoring women is now the trend, as if that isn’t discriminatory in itself, and lowering standards. It also points out that women will be no better than men in being discriminatory when given the opportunity.

  • Nicholas Carter – younger than de la Parra, and a far better conductor. He would have made a fine replacement for Franz Welser-Möst in Magic Flute at Staatsoper (at least he’s conducted Mozart operas before). But no. Pick the woman who makes lots of videos and has never conducted opera before.

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