UK artist gets clarity on EU social security

The double-bassist Chi-chi Nwanoku got MP Ed Vaizey to ask a parliamentary question about the post-Brexit situation of hundreds of artists who work in Europe in respect of taxation and social security, presently covered by the A1 form.

A reply was delivered yesterday to the House:

The Withdrawal Agreement provides for the continuation of social security coordination, which will maintain the current rules on A1 certificates in the UK and EU until the end of the implementation period in December 2020.

So now you know.


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  • Hello Mr. Lebrecht, that photo was taken in the plenary room of the Brussels building of the European Parliament, but yesterday’s session took place in the plenary room of the Strasbourg building of the European Parliament. Yes, there are two buildings, and they are easy to distinguish: the Brussels room is beige with yellow seats, whereas the Strasbourg room is white with blue seats. But don’t believe me, believe the EP itself: 🙂

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