Train woe: Captain Corelli loses his mandolin

Alex Mugnaioni, star of a UK tour of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, has left his instrument on a train.

It was the 18.34 Southeastern from London Bridge to Sidcup, Mugnaioni. Email if you have seen it.

The mandolin is dated 1890.

Mugnaioni said: ‘We spent a long time hunting for the perfect Mandolin, it’s devastating to lose it so close to the show. I’m playing throughout the show and you create quite a connection with an instrument. If anyone has picked it up by mistake we’d be so grateful for its return.’


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  • Such thing also happens often with double basses, which are forgotten in public transport and on picknick outings and the like. There is a special therapy designed to unearth suppressed resentment against one’s chosen instrument, which is a variation of marriage counselling.

  • Airlines and some railway companies provide a special customer service designed to prevent this happening. By having a huge row about the instrument at the time of boarding, those who do get on are so angry that they don’t forget to take it with them at the end.

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