Shamed Royal Academy maintains its silence

Shamed Royal Academy maintains its silence


norman lebrecht

March 08, 2019

We were the first yesterday to publish the huge payment forced on the Royal Academy of Music in London for its discriminatory dismissal of a distinguished teacher, Dr Francesca Carpos.

The Academy made Dr Carpos go to law in order and kept defending its case until a tribunal threw it out.

Now, it is refusing comment altogether.

Dr Carpos says: ‘I consider myself to be an advocate for diversity and equality in the industry, but I have been labelled as someone who warranted instant dismissal and who had racist views. No one at the Royal Academy of Music has showed common sense, or apologised, or has taken ultimate responsibility.’

Perhaps the Academy thinks that if it stays shtum this will go away.

Sorry might be a good way to start.



  • Simon Scott says:

    Bloody conservatories.
    Factories of ignorance

  • Luigi Nonono says:

    It’s never due to incompetence or poor behavior.

  • Anon says:

    Pale. Male. Stale. The Royal Academy still lives in the past. Shame on them. Great news for Dr Carpos who is very much respected in the real- musicians-world.

  • On The Square says:

    Maybe it could be helpful to repeat my comment on this blog of November 13, 2017?

    Now that her name is out [Francesca Carpos], it is hard not to double check, via Google. As it happens it turns out she presented an academic paper in 2014 which “revealed that her research showed 43 out of 45 orchestra fixers she interviewed were men, mostly freemasons”.

    So maybe there is more to this story. Just saying.

  • Nick says:

    What can RAM say? Most of them are lefties with rare exceptions!
    As we, all normal people understand, the main catastrophic problem of the present day society is political correctness. It leads to total and complete absurd and idiocy, and heads and even institutions will fall inevitably until “political correctness” is legally prohibited, taken off of all charts in all layers of the civilized society. Political correctness kills discourse, dialogue and democracy!

    • Saxon Broken says:

      The problem wasn’t “political correctness” but the inability to think about what it means not to cause needless offense.

  • Mike Schachter says:

    How can “no comment” be an option? This is a publicly funded institution which has no doubt spent huge sums in legal fees and is about to spend a lot more to compensate someone for its cowardice and incompetence. As usual, no-one takes responsibility.