Orchestra chief, 35, is killed by tram

The Orchesterzentrum NRW in Dortmund, Germany, is in mourning for its young administrative director, Dr Jonas Becker, who was killed Sunday night by a city tram.

Becker, originally from Bochum, was covering the job for a colleague who was on parental leave. He held a PhD in concert programming.


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  • Tram accidents aren’t that uncommon unfortunately. Many people get distracted by cell phones or have been drinking. Or both.

    • Many people use phones, and drink. Why are tram accidents more common? Why not run over by a bus, or a car?

      This is a tragic story. What a feelingless and irrelevant comment.

      • I didn’t say tram accidents were more common. Many people get distracted by cell phones and get hit by cars. I almost hit a woman who walked out onto a busy road while looking at her phone a few years ago.

        Injuries to pedestrians on their cell phones have climbed steadily since 2005 in the US, according to a study from 2013. I have heard about ‘Distracted Walking’ Laws being passed in places in the US. I don’t know if Germans are any less distracted by the things.

  • How is it possible to hold a PhD in concert programming? I don’t mean any disrespect to Dr. Becker, who seems to have been responsible for organisation and finances, not programming, in any case…

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