Opera boy, 10, donates fees to hospice

Sasha Rose lost his mother last year.

Presently appearing in The Magic Flute at English National Opera, Sasha is giving his fees to the Marie Curie Hospice in Hampstead in thanks for the help it gave his family.

He tells his local paper:When I was offered the part, I asked my dad if I could donate my fee for performing to Marie Curie because I want them to continue to be able to help other people like they helped my mum. They are an amazing charity and my mum really enjoyed visiting the hospice, using the gym and joining the relaxation group….’

You, too, can help with a donation here.

photo (c)Fiona Rose

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    • Ya know, if you’d stop reading the newspaper and watching tv the world isn’t half as bad as you seem to believe.
      But agreed – this is a touching story.

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