Update: Riccardo Muti clarifies his status on the Chicago picket line

A message from the maestro:


I had a scheduled 10am rehearsal today. Due to the strike, this rehearsal has been cancelled.

However, I am  going to meet my musicians and colleagues anyway. I am not participating in the picket line, but I wish to listen to what the musicians have to say.

I intend my position not to be neutral, but I am trying to help the two parties reconcile for the benefit of the great Chicago Symphony, for the entire community in Chicago and the world.

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  • Messy.

    Maybe the calculations and clarifications of the actuaries will provide a face-saving way out a few weeks from now.

    Although RM quit in Rome, he may muster more patience for Chicago because his $3 million p.a. helps subsidize, as I understand it, activities at home in Ravenna, such as the RMM label and the Italian Opera Academy.

    riccardomutioperacademy [dot] com/en/
    riccardomutimusic [dot] com/

    • Muti has also said to the effect that the CSO really has only two peers: Berlin and Vienna. So presumably they deserve all the money they can get.

      • Regardless of what he says, he’s left – so far – a much greater recorded legacy in Philly. His recordings with the Philharmonia aren’t too shabby either.

    • C’mon… the guy put his nose out in streets aside the musicians. He is just not hypocritical to personally complain about the situation, because after 50 or more of career he could negotiated a top-notch contract, and would be non-sense for him to say “situation isnt nice for me”. Off course he does NOT have anything to complaing, but he is caring about the situation o his musicians.

  • Muti is a perfect Mozartian. I heard him conduct Mozart’s last three symphonies in Salzburg. Beautiful performances. with the Wienerphilharmoniker

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