Mr and Mrs Jonas Kaufmann present their baby

Message from Jonas:

Yesterday’s opening night of Forza del destino went really well – thanks to one more lovely pair of fingers crossed.


He has not yet disclosed the baby’s sex or name.


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    • This serene and adorable baby can also count not only on parental love, but also on first class lullabies.

  • A refreshingly natural and spontaneous scene in the current dystopian age of LGBTxxxx media brainwashing and gender dysphoria. Best wishes to the three of them.

  • But renowned scientists warn us that having children intolerably increases CO2 emissions and endangers the great global climate change agenda!

    To save the planet, we must stay sterile!

  • It would be nice if someone would disclose the name of “Mrs. Jonas Kaufmann. Come on Norman! That headline belongs to an era even you must have left behind by now…

  • Two German newspapers say the baby is a boy. Jonas deserves much praise for how carefully he has kept his personal life and his children out of the tabloids. An announcement of a wedding, a wisely timed announcement of a birth—not deflecting attention from the premiere—are all his fans need. I don’t care what they name this beautiful baby. I think we can all assume it won’t be Giacomo, Guiseppe, Wilhelm or Ludwig…

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