Look – Prokofiev 3 without a conductor

It’s the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra of Los Angeles, led from the keyboard by Irene Kim.


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  • I do not see a piano in the photo. Perhaps it is the Third Symphony, which would really be impressive. Mitropolous performed and recorded the concerto as soloist and conductor back in the early 50’s, I believe.

    • If I remember rightly, Leonard, Mitropoulos did it for the first time in Berlin c. 1933 at a time he was still making his way as a pianist. He then took the concerto to the US.

  • No, it’s not being “led” by her. This is the Orpheus model, where the orchestra tends to itself. When a pianist is in charge, his/her back is to the audience, and he/she conducts tuttis.

    • Leonard Bernstein led from the keyboard sitting in that formation, but to me there’s no indication that Ms. Kim is conducting anything. She plays the concerto quite nicely though.

  • What’s the big deal? Dmitri Mitropoulos did it with this concerto all the time with different orchestras.

  • Dmitri Mitropoulos played while conducting this concerto several times in spectacular fashion and at a much faster tempo than done by Irene Kim here. A 1946 recording he made with the Robin Hood Dell Orchestra (aka Philadelphia Orchestra) is on YouTube.

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