Listen here to lost Elgar tune that turned up in autograph album

An unknown melody by the English composer has been identified in an album that was delivered to a Staffordshire auction house.

It will go on sale at The Lichfield Auction Centre, Fradley Park, Staffordshire, on March 26.

The autographs were collected by collected by Lydia Tabb (1897-1983), a matron at Barnardos orphanages.

More here.

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  • “My dad would mow the lawn while we would sit with her eating sandwiches and watching the wrestling,” …

    Those were the days!

  • Clearly not penned in 1924, only signed in 1924 – this is apparent not only from the differential in ink, but in recognition to an earlier, more studential style in Elgar’s earlier jottings. This 6 bar sketch is nothing but a 3 part canon over a trilled pedal bass and in no way suggests it was ever destined to become another ‘masterpiece’. It doesnt even suggest ‘string quartet’ – so much music is in essence purely 4 part harmony. To the untrained eye and ear, yes, Elgar’s Fourth Symphony (sic) has been discovered, or perhaps Elgar’s 2nd String Quartet – or maybe even his first quartet for bagpipes? To the musicologist – a neat premium has been paid for an early jotting – clever marketing indeed!

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