Kaufmann’s wife to direct first bigtime opera

The Bavarian State Opera has just announced its 2019-20 season and it’s bookended by Jonas.

The tenor opens the season in Die Tote Stadt.

His wife Christiane Lutz, who is expecting their child, directs the Opera Studio of the Bayerische Staatsoper in Mignon next April.

A family affair.

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  • Well, connections are only bad if you don’t have them … however, in former times something like that was called “nepotism”. Nowadays for principal it’s obviously like “if you want a star you’ll have to hire a mediocre tenor too” or “if you want a star you’ll have to hire …” We’ll see what Madame Kaufmann makes out of Mignon.

    • You don’t seem to be well informed. She grew up in a very musical family, her father is famous Prof. Martin Lutz. For her education and work look at her homepage, there is more information than on operabase! Her career could be much more advanced without a lot of travelling with her partner. No need for “nepotism”. Her name is Christiane Lutz and not “Madame Kaufmann”. No need for derogatory comments.

    • What a good name for this correspondent.
      Christiane Lutz has considerable experience as an assistant director, and this will give her some more.

  • I hope that Frau Kaufmann, unlike her husband, will show the orchestra the courtesy of taking note of them. “Good morning,” Good evening” and “thank you” should belong to everyone’s repertory.

    • But you can’t expect a superstar as Mr K. to talk to commoners like these odd people in the pit! Instead you should feel honoured that you’re allowed to accompany him …

      • We know that you don’t like JK, but to spread lies about his behaviour is a different matter. He always applauds the orchestra in the pit or behind him on the stage, he never forgets to shake hands with the concertmaster before and after a concert (very, very seldom seen with other singers!) and nobody behind the scenes calls him arrogant. So what is your problem? And always another nickname – very funny.

        • Yes, that was my impression,too. He always seems to be kind to everyone…but maybe a musician knows it first hand?

      • Your hateful spreading lies is not normal. Please contact a doctor.
        If one of the great stars is kind to every member of a production, it is Kaufmann.

  • First: Christiane Lutz is not “expecing” their child, baby is already born.
    Second: Her wonderful carreer can be seen on her homepage. It started long befor she got to know JK. She worked with the greatest stage directors, as Guth, Hernehim, Konwitschny and others. She is very intelligent and talented. No need to be pushed by anybody.
    Third: Of course the close persons of stars in the business more easy get to know importent persons…..
    Forth: Very bad exemple of pressure by a certain Soprano could be claimed…..

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